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Environmental and Sustainability Manager – Asia Pacific Region

ACCIONA is currently looking for an Environmental and Sustainability Manager for the Asia Pacific Region, to be based in Melbourne.

The position Summary is the following:
- Development and implementation of the ACCIONA Integrated Management System (IMS) environmental and sustainability (E&S) aspects to ensure ongoing certification;
- Drive best practice in E&S management in the Asia Pacific Region;
- Develop strong relationships with regulatory bodies and other key stakeholders;
- Develop strong relationships with Project teams and implement strategies to increase the AIAP E&S capability;
- Adapt E&S requirements to meet Business and Project specific needs;
- Promote a safe and sustainable working environment.
Key Responsibilities:
- Develop and Champion the regional E&S business strategy.
- Drive the E&S component of the IMS system within each of the businesses through to project level.
- Promote the Corporate Sustainability Master Plan 2020 within the AIAP business.
- Provide E&S leadership to the AIAP region with the development, review and implementation of environmental policies and practices.
- Ensure environmental legislative requirements are identified and processes implemented to manage compliance both locally and internationally.
- Engage with the bid team to provide E&S input to tenders and business opportunities and where feasible use E&S strategies to differentiate AIAP business from our competitors.
- Assist project start-up with environmental licencing and planning approval interpretation and application.
- Guide and influence local project teams in project start up to ensure that the relevant policies, procedures and process are in place to meet Project and legislative requirements.
- Provide high level business and project support intervention strategies to ensure compliance is maintained and successful outcomes achieved.
- Engage with project personnel to ensure both business E&S strategies and project specific requirements are understood and in place.
- Monitor E&S performance on the projects and implement continuous improvement strategies to improve business performance.
- Identify initiatives and effective strategies and share with the AIAP businesses.
- Interact with the wider Global Acciona Group to identify synergies and implement these synergies within the AIAP businesses.
- Manage the Acciona Group reporting requirements for E&S.
- Develop industry relationships and strategic industry stakeholder interaction.
- Mentoring of Business E&S Peer Group development of staff.
- Review business E&S resourcing to identify key roles and requirements.
- Mentor AIAP E&S Leadership and teams to improve skills base and capability.
- Progress and develop sustainability initiatives in support of the AIAP regional goals.
- Audit E&S requirements to evaluate and monitor compliance to applicable standards, existing policies and procedures of the company.
- Promote a culture of ‘no injury or harm’ to people and the environment.

Experience and Qualifications:- Environmental Science, Management or Engineering Qualification and at least 12 years operational environmental management experience;
- ISCA accreditation or similar;
- Experience in implementation of sustainability management requirements;
- Auditor Qualification;
- Demonstrated understanding of ISO Management System Standards with experience in development of management systems;
- Demonstrated understanding of Environmental principles and the various legislation, regulations and compliance requirements through at least 12 years’ experience;
- Strong command of Spanish highly desirable due to frequent interaction with stakeholders in Madrid HQ.

ACCIONA is one of the foremost Spanish business corporations, leader in the development and management of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services. Listed on the selective Ibex-35 stock exchange index, it is a benchmark for the market.
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