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Structural Chief Surveyor

·         Perform duties as field surveyor in a regular basis.
·         Work proactively foreseeing the coming needs of layout or checks to be undertaken.
·         Prepare data for his daily work and that of the field surveyors under his/her responsibility, with means of digital tools as Excel, Autocad, or any other software deemed necessary. Verify the accuracy of survey data provided by surveyor manager.
·         Conduct layouts and topographical surveys of all elements of the project deemed necessary by surveyor manager for production, construction, quality control, cost control, etc… within the tolerances established by superiors.
·         Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys performed, during the entire duration of the Project.
·         Report immediately to survey manager status of damaged control points or layout marks, as well as any other difficulty encountered during his/her work shift.
·         Plan and conduct structural surveys during all phases of the project if necessary, using all methodology available in the market, such us LIDAR, laser scanner, use of UAVs, etc…
·         Foresee and communicate to survey manager any need of survey supplies or survey data for upcoming works scheduled on site in a timely fashion.
·         Visit and do surveys in location of sources of materials/assembly plants, relevant to the project.
·         Help earthworks surveyors if necessary.
·         Be punctual as per official project calendar and working hours determined at each time.
·         Conduct himself/herself as per professional local best practices.
·         Report immediately to survey manager anything in the project data suspicious to be off or awkward.
·         Report to survey manager any misconduct of the surveyor(s) or assistant(s) against the Health & Safety rules, or any contravention of these rules by others affecting survey work.
·         Maintain regular meetings with surveyor manager to keep track of the works.
·         Maintain regular meetings with Production and Technical Office Department teams to improve overall performance on the Project.
•      Minimum of 10 years’ experience in civil construction in general, with at least 5 years in bridge projects, in a survey party chief position.
•      Good organizational and communication skills with attention to detail.
•      Demonstrated ability to work independently to organize and prioritize demands, handle multiple complex tasks simultaneously, set and meet deadlines and follow-through within a fast-paced environment with multiple and competing demands.
•      Proficient skills in the use of survey instrumentation, such as GPS, levels and especially total stations.
·         Medium skills in Autocad 2017 or newer, being an asset knowledge in 3D tools of this software.
•      Valid driving license within the country/region of work.
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