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    In ACCIONA we are looking for the best candidates to work in our projects. Do you want to know what we have to offer? These are some of the reasons that make us a great company to develop your career.

    We are a large company with more than 30,000 strong workforce professionals from 115 nationalities in 5 continents.

    We lead the way in Innovation and Technological development at the service of our people and the wellbeing. We dedicated 193.9M to R&D and innovation in 2016.

    Different sectors, different business activities: major opportunities. Industry leaders in renewable energy,water services and sustainable infrastructure.

    We innovate daily in our People Management policies and practices. Recognised and accredited as one of the first Spanish companies to develop its programme on Best Practices in "Promotion of Health in the Workplace”.

    Pioneers in meeting the sustainable development challenge and making every effort to overcome it. 

    We strive to make a better world for the today’s generation and those to come. We avoided 14.8 million metric tons of CO2 in 2016, equivalent to taking more than 5 million cars off the road.

    We guarantee health and safety by providing the right training. 125,963 hours in OHS training in 2016 that turn our company into a one of the Spanish companies investing the most in this field of training.

    We’re committed to the professional development of our people. 500,507  training hours in H&S in 2016.

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