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Site Foreman

ACCIONA is looking for Foreman positions for its Norwegian projects.
The purpose of this role is to provide efficient and effective coordination and control of field construction activities.
The position will have functional relationships with:
- Supervisors, Superintendents and Area Managers

- Foreman & Leading Hands

- Organise, coordinate and direct field construction activities in accordance with work schedules whilst constantly monitoring the status of planning and quality activities.

- Assess and allocate priorities as necessary.

- Maintain close contact with Supervisor and other Foreman to ensure continuity of job progress.

- Monitor and review the performance of plant, labour and subcontractors to ensure production targets are met or bettered and take appropriate action as necessary.

- Promptly advise management of any issues that could be variations to the contract and keep accurate records of such issues.

- Ensure safe work conditions are maintained at all times.
Specific Responsibilities:

Quality, Environment and Safety
- Carry out quality control activities as specified on ITP’s and checklists.

- Ensure that environmental control measures are implemented.

- Be proactive in applying or contributing to the Project’s risk management functions to reduce adverse residual risk in project activities.

- Ensure all on site workers are signed on to the relevant JSEA and Work packs as work progresses.

- Maintain a daily record of all plant, labour, equipment and materials on site.  Also maintain records of weather conditions, stoppages, incidents and disputes.

- Ensure labour records are compiled and submitted regularly and frequently.

- Ensure all work groups under his control have completed and signed an appropriate prestart task analysis.

- Any other duties as may be required by the project.

Health and Safety Obligations
- Taking personal responsibility for the safety of their workmates, the environment, public and themselves.

- Set the standard expected.

- Working safely with people, plant and the environment .

- Ensuring all work is carried out in compliance with laws, rules, procedures and work instructions, client specifications or standards prepared for a particular job.

- Promptly reporting all near misses, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, incidents and injuries, potential problems, health and safety risks to management for investigation and corrective action .

- To stop work if they believe on reasonable grounds that they are about to be exposed to, or expose others to, unsafe conditions e.g. unsafe plant and equipment, uncontrolled hazardous substances, inability of themselves or others to perform their duties safely due to a lack of training, education and support.

- Sign the Daily Briefing Form prior to the start of work each day and ensure others have signed it as far as practicable.
General Obligations

- Take all practicable steps to ensure personal safety and the safety of others in the workplace.

- Work effectively and collaboratively with others, building and maintaining relationships to achieve work and team related goals.

- Ensure protection of the company’s commercial interests at all times and in all circumstances.

- Al all times act within the law, company policies and rules, and with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

- Support the wider objectives of the company and uphold its reputation and confidentiality.

- Operate within the limits of Delegated Authority.

- Such other duties and responsibilities that are from time to time assigned.

- Trades qualification relevant to the construction, building or manufacturing industries.

- A minimum of 5 years construction industry experience and a proven history of previous supervisory/foreman appointments.

- High energy and vigour in meeting targets and schedules.

- Strong and clear written and verbal communication skills.

- Proven ability to marshal, lead and motivate diverse groups of employees.

ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.
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