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Project Manager


We are an international company with a workforce of more than 38,500 top professionals, present in more than 40 countries across the five continents. Leaders in Innovation and Technological Development at the service of society, we’re looking for experts in designing a better planet who can go out there and promote sustainable development and find solutions to the biggest global challenges, including global warming, overpopulation and water scarcity.

Job Description

Mission: Ensure proper execution of the Project in terms of time and cost, respecting all project requirements.



  • To update monthly revisions of project schedule.
  • To review monthly report about current status of project execution already done by the Construction Manager, even issue it to Construction Head Line.
  • To perform Monthly Report to be issued to Steering Committee
  • To perform Monthly Report to be issued to Client or Partner.


  • To supervise and approve monthly revisions of project budget from Construction Manager
  • To order further invoices emission according to signed contract with client or partner, or EPC contract with SPV
  • To define future prevision of incomes and expenses, and to analyze together with Financial Department current status of cash-flow and its further previsions.


  • To identify all services and supplies to be appointed for project execution. To ensure that all RFQ are done on time and form, providing complete technical documentation for proper definition of requested service of supply.
  • To follow up of technical questions coming from Purchasing Department during the process of offers enquire and negotiation, even to be in charge of focus and solve all of them.
  • To be part of signing processes all Adjudication Proposals done by Purchasing Department.


  • To be in charge of focus and manage all engineering requirements already identified during preparation and execution phase of the project.


  • To be in charge of direct communication with the client.
  • To define goals to achieve according client necessities.
  • To manage signed contract with client. To ensure the compliance of all contractual terms between AE and client (handover of monthly reports, invoicing, handover of final documentation, etc.)
  • To encourage the client to comply with obligations (licenses consecutions, affected services, other conditions)


  • To encourage the Site Manager to generate and complete all documentation in terms of project construction and As-Built of the facility
  • To issue such documentation to responsible of Document Management responsible inside Construction Department for its upload into “Documentum”. 


  • To be maximum responsible of establishment, implementation and follow up of all different management plans already included into PMP.
  • To perform estimation of needed resources in terms of HHRR (new appointments or internal resources), management of project team and evaluation of the performance of key members inside project team.
  • To collaborate together with Construction Manager, Project Managers (Local and Central) and Steering Committee for the definition of general project schedule, identifying critical points and further risks.
  • To manage and face most relevant issues with subcontractors and suppliers (to comply with schedule, quality of execution, economical close up – analysis and negotiation of extra-cost during close up)
  • To control and approve all certifications and invoices issued by subcontractors and suppliers, including change orders, which need further acceptance of Construction Manager.
  • To control Quality, H&E and Environmental Management Plans already defined by QSE department.
  • To follow up and control all administrative process, even technical documentation in order to obtain licenses, authorizations and permits, always in coordination with responsible person assigned by Development Department.
  • To be part of the finance process of the project. To have direct communication with Financial Department for all technical requirements related to such process.
  • To manage the process of contract signing with client or SPV, and the rest of main contracts with subcontractors and suppliers. To be maximum responsible of agree all contracts on time and form.
  • To be part of the elaboration and negotiation of main contracts of the project.
  • To coordinate internal and external audits of the project.
  • To follow up and control all tests for Technical Guarantee Compliance and other requirements in order to achieve final acceptance of COD.
  • To be maximum responsible of the handover of the facility to Production and CECOER.
  • Reporting to E&C department manager and Croatia country manager.

Required Skills and Competencies

Degree/Training: University Degree. Preferentially Civil Engineering.

Additional Training: Additional training in terms of financial, negotiation, scheduling and project management even leadership and management of persons.

Languages/Level: English/Advanced

Years/Areas experience required: at least 8 years of professional experience, and 5 years managing multidisciplinary teams, project teams, and management of contracts with third parties. Preferably with previous experience in project management in construction, especially in renewable energy facilities.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. All individuals, regardless of personal characteristics, are encouraged to apply.

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