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Our competencies

Our Company has its own way of managing people and it involves using our own, unique language, namely ACCIONA’s competencies, across all our business activities and in all the countries where we operate. Each post is linked to a profile that includes a range of critical job-specific competencies. Here’s a list to help you become closely acquainted with them:

  • Organization and planning: the ability to identify, evaluate and plan actions that are required in order to achieve a specific end, as well as how to carry them out and the resources needed in order to meet the ultimate objective.

    Management quality: be fully acquainted with procedures and lead by example to carry them out, disseminate them and exceed expectations, while making effective and thorough use of acquired professional knowledge. Keenness to update knowledge is important too.

    Customer-focused (internal/external): display sensitivity, the right attitude and commitment towards helping colleagues and external third parties with whom ACCIONA has commercial dealings; be fully aware that the term “customer” refers to both internal and external parties, and that they must be considered as such at all times.

  • Business vision: the professional ability to imagine the direction in which efforts and resources need to head towards, be they for ACCIONA as a whole, a Division/Business Unit or Function. A global and integrated vision of the market, competition and company strategy.

    Initiative and innovation: the ability to be proactive, stay one step ahead of needs, identify opportunities and take calculated risks. The ability to introduce, in a proactive manner, new and creative ways of looking at activities, work processes and products, as well as making improvements to existing approaches to work, all aimed at enhancing results.

    Flexibility and change-oriented: the ability to modify one’s own conduct by accepting changes and adapting to and anticipating new situations that arise in the surroundings. This implies modifying skills and capabilities by displaying a proactive attitude.

  • Teamwork: the ability to collaborate with team-members and others, establishing an efficient working relationship and smooth communication that contribute towards meeting objectives.

    Leadership and team development: behavior aimed at motivating and developing the team and directing it towards its objectives, ensuring the right degree of delegation. It also calls for skills in marshaling people towards ACCIONA’s needs, leveraging the power or authority that comes with the job.

  • Communication: the ability to express yourself clearly and convincingly, while listening and remaining receptive to proposals from others, as well as sound writing skills for reports and proposals. Strong, persuasive public-speaking skills and the ability to elicit engagement.

    Contact networks: the ability to set up, maintain and drive relationships through contacts and professional networks and leverage their potential for achieving business objectives.

    Negotiation: the terms “negotiation” or “mediation” refer to the ability to convince others and reach mutually beneficial agreements, paving the way for lasting relationships with ACCIONA’s people or suppliers and/or external customers.

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